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Planning Institutes/ Educational Institutions

Our expert team draft plans, builds and manages educational institutions right from preschools to colleges .We work with investors, entrepreneurs, corporates, institutions and Trusts / Societies to materialise play school to Higher Education institutions . We have the capabilities to offer a variety of solutions that can benefit the overall project schedule and budget, saving client’s valuable time and money.

Talent mapping/ for students: Converting schools to Multiple Intelligence schools

We embrace the concept of Multiple Intelligences (MI), researched and developed by Howard Gardner.  He completely redefined the concept and established the need to have it as an integral part of educating kids and young adults. Gardner’s theory of MI talks about 8 distinct intelligences – Linguistic, Logical-mathematical, Musical, Bodily-kinesthetic, Spatial, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Naturalistic. This theory has been used by educationalists extensively to design classrooms and develop a different outlook regarding what one calls the intelligence quotient or IQ. Integration of Montessori Method and multiple intelligence strategies in class room activities and transform the schools as Montessori with intelligence school


calibration is to maintain and assure standards in a subject area, as well as ensuring that the tasks used are valid assessments of key graduate learning outcomes in a subject or discipline. Calibration is based on the assumption that standards are socially constructed, and it therefore involves dialogue, negotiation and joint decision making. It has been described as a type of inter-institutional external referencing process which complements institutions’ own internal marking and moderation processes

Curriculum Planning and Designing

We believes that education ought to be a dynamic phenomenon that concedes the changes in the environment and to meet the growing demands and new challenges has already identified the contemporary needs, way ahead than the rest; put forth by the 21st Century education boards, managements and parents.

Our approach addresses and integrates the following key components: Objectives for student learning,Teaching/learning activitie, and Strategies to check student understanding

Professional Development Programme

We conduct professional development workshops for teachers of Indian and International Schools. Some of our popular topics for the workshops are:

School Management Services

Under School Management Services, we offer: